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About Accessible Bathtubs

Do not use an abrasive sponge or cleaning product. For example, use:
Scrubbing Bubbles, Magic Eraser and Dawn dish soap.

Homeward Bath tubs are made of acrylic with fiber glass backing. Acrylic is considered a better tub shell material than gel coat. See reasons below:

Acrylic Tub Shell Gel-coated Tub Shell
Assembled from large, plastic pieces, resulting in a light-weight, easily cleaned bathtub; 8x thicker, providing significantly more strength Polyester resin sprayed onto fiberglass tub’s mold to form structure and strength of unit; fiberglass then coated with gel for strength; coating is like a paint sprayed which wears off with time
No cracks or chips; resistant to the wear and tear of everyday life Thin; scratches and chips easily
Non-porous finish. Easy to clean with mild detergents; no mold or mildew Porous finish requires more cleaning, causing the coating to become thinner; mildew, stains and bacteria form
Color permeates throughout and will not fade or chalk Color changes over the years; fades, chalks
Higher insulation warms water faster; water stays warmer for longer period of time Less insulation thus water cools faster


Different tubs reflect different people’s needs. Inward open tubs are good for customers who have limited bathroom space. Easy transfer walk-in tubs are designed for people who have mobility issues and use a wheelchair. Sit-in tubs are universal and good for all family members when several generations live together.

All Homeward Bath tubs are made of high quality ABS composite material – fiberglass reinforced with luxury finish surface and wide molded seat. Quick flow filler provides faster tub filling (almost twice as fast as other tubs in the industry) and 2in drain allows fast tub emptying.

All Homeward Bath tubs are designed to conform to the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Canadian Standards Association Barrier Free. Seat height is 17in, grab bars are provided for user safety.

Almost all tubs are 29 ½in. If you take the door jam off, the tub should fit through the doorway.

All walk-in tubs come pre-plumbed. When installing the tub, you adjust the feet to accommodate for the imperfections on the floor. Hot and cold supply lines come with female threaded ends to connect to your water supply. Drain connection should be hard piped. Electric 120V is needed if you have an electric feature. It is always best to hire a certified plumber when having this work done.

Whirlpool jets are designed to massage at certain points on the body with water pressure. Heated air water jet therapy creates a water flow throughout the tub and provides a soothing, relaxing feeling. For those who are frail, have arthritis, are recovering from surgery or bruise easily, we recommend heated air therapy.

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