How do I clean the steam generator? (Jupiter and Jupiter Plus, Orion Series, Venus Series, Cascade, and Hudson and Hudson Plus units)

Using Steam Generator Clean out Valve on the following units:

Shut off the water supply to the unit. If you don’t shut off when you unscrew the cover, water will spray all over; Unscrew the cover to the valve; Have the cleaning solution ready — White Vinegar or Citric Acid about 2 to 3 cups;steam-clean Start steam generator (set the temperature to the highest) the water valve will open and will allow you to pour the cleaning solution into the valve; The valve will open and close several times to fill the steam generator; Keep filling the valve, once the tank is full the valve will stop opening and closing, shortly after steam will start to come out the steam outlet. As the solution is used the valve will start to open and close again. Let it cycle a few times and keep filling the valve.
After the steam Generator has been running a few minutes, shut off the power AT THE CIRCUIT BREAKER. If you use the key pad, the steam generator will drain after a few seconds and the solution will not have had enough time to work.
After 30 minutes or so, replace the cover on the valve, turn on the water supply and power and start the steam Generator as usual. You can let the unit run for about 1 minute, shut off the power (at the keypad) and wait about 10 minutes for the solution to drain from the steam generator. After that you use the unit as usual.

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