How durable are Homeward Bath tubs?

Homeward Bath tubs are made of acrylic with fiber glass backing. Acrylic is considered a better tub shell material than gel coat. See reasons below:

Acrylic Tub Shell Gel-coated Tub Shell
Assembled from large, plastic pieces, resulting in a light-weight, easily cleaned bathtub; 8x thicker, providing significantly more strength Polyester resin sprayed onto fiberglass tub’s mold to form structure and strength of unit; fiberglass then coated with gel for strength; coating is like a paint sprayed which wears off with time
No cracks or chips; resistant to the wear and tear of everyday life Thin; scratches and chips easily
Non-porous finish. Easy to clean with mild detergents; no mold or mildew Porous finish requires more cleaning, causing the coating to become thinner; mildew, stains and bacteria form
Color permeates throughout and will not fade or chalk Color changes over the years; fades, chalks
Higher insulation warms water faster; water stays warmer for longer period of time Less insulation thus water cools faster


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