Aurora Walk-in Tub

Model #: HY23

Available in four versions:

  • HY-1123: Whirlpool System with Inline Heater
  • HY-1323: Soaking Tub
  • HY-1223: Heated Air Jet System
  • HY23M: Microbubble System

HY-23 walk-in soaker tub has an easy curved inward opening door, making it great for tight spaces. This tub is ideally suited for individuals that need easy access for showering and bathing. Easy to lock and remain secure to ensure safety. Extra wide 24″ seat; 17¾” opening door. Hand-held shower set included. Upgrade panels can be ordered.


Aurora series inward open walk-in tub, size 51L x 29.5W x 42H in

  • 22.5″ seat
  • Widened 17¾” opening door
  • Hand-held shower with 5 foot hose attached and a stylish faucet are included
  • Extra safe, easy to operate lock that does not trouble your movement while bathing
  • Safety grab bars
  • Optional Tub Surround Available
  • Available with 16 heated air jets
  • Available with whirlpool system and built-in inline heater
  • Molded seat – 17” high meeting ADA’s minimum height requirement
  • Waterproof inward swinging walk-in door
  • Easy to remove front access panels
  • 2 inch drain system for quicker draining time
  • Left and right hand drains available
  • Limited life time warranty on the door seal
  • 29.5 inch outside dimension
  • 8 inch filler/extension panel available
  • Easy installation (4-6 hrs)
  • Tub can be free standing/movable or built in
  • Convenient / easy to reach controls
  • 4-5 foot flexible metal supply hoses for easy water connections
  • 50-60 gallons
  • High quality ABS composite /acrylic with fiber glass backing
  • Self leveling feet for quick and sure leveling
  • ¾ in entry pipe filler provides double speed tub filling
  • Overflow protected
  • Textured tub floor
  • Upgrade panels available
  • All tubs have adjustable height + or – an inch

Lowes Model Number: HY23, NE2331, NE2331L, NE2331R, NE2311L, NE2311R, NE2321L, NE2321R, NE2321, NE2311, HY-1123, HY1223, HY1323

*The Company shall bear no responsibility whatsoever for any act or failure to act by any entities installing and/or delivering the Company’s products to its customers.

Available in three versions:

  • HY-1123 - Tub with Whirlpool Jets and Inline Heater
  • HY-1223 - Tub with 16 Heated Air jets and faucet
  • HY-1323 - Soaking tub with faucet and controls
  • Easy 4-6 hours Installation
  • Front access panel
  • High volume tub filler
  • 8" Extension Panel ( optional extra)
  • Limited Life Time Warranty on the door seal
  • 17" High Molded Seat
  • Meets ADA's minimum height equirements
  • 2" Drain
  • Waterproof inward opening door
  • Safety grab bar
  • Hand held shower
  • Drain access panel
  • Left/Right Models Available
  • Factory tested


  • Unit is equipped with flexible, metal braided ¾ inch water supply hose with ¾ inch female threaded connectors
  • It is needed to install hot and cold shutoffs with ½ inch male threaded nipples (not included)
  • It is advised to have tub onsite before preparing drain location
Note:The flexible drain hose that is included with this unit is for installation into a floor drain only. Substituting the existing drain show for a different one will not void the warranty as long as there is no damage or evidence of misuse.


  • Air jet motor with heater: Dedicated 12-2 wire with 110 volt, 10-15 amp GFCI breaker
  • Whirlpool System with heater: Dedicated 12-2 wire with 110 volt, 15-20 amp GFCI breaker

Technical Data:
MaterialsABS Composite Acrylic
Size51 x 29.5 x 42
Installation Manual